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At ICD365, we’re committed to delivering the upmost service to all of our client’s needs. For over 12 years, our multi-faceted company has worked all over the spectrum to come up with a strategy that encompasses a results driven business for our clients and a servant style sales process for our customers. With our core of seasoned leaders, we continue to pay close attention to developing the right team for the job. Our executive team has over a century of experience in the industries of health insurance, home services and digital marketing.

From major cable providers and reputable health insurance companies, some of our notable partners include Aetna, UnitedHealthcare, Time Warner Cable and Xfinity. We not only work with our brand partners, but for individual customers as well. Using our state-of-the-art comparison-shopping model, our team tirelessly works to discover the finest products and prices available on the market. We take pride in the contagious chain effect that reliable customer service can bring to the table.

In addition to serving our insurance and home service partners, we manage and control a very successful affiliate network. At ICD365, our affiliate partners receive industry leading payouts, customizable payment schedules, real-time easy to use reporting, as well as experienced and dedicated account managers.

Our specialties are not limited to strengthening businesses with our trailblazing technologies. Through relationship building, ICD365 strives to turn every interaction with our partners or customers into long-lasting fulfillment. Our mission is quite simple. While other companies concentrate solely on acquiring new customers, we focus on the whole picture. By concentrating on a full-service approach coupled with effective marketing tactics, we are able to fortify your business. We make you happy by making your customers happy. For faster results, grow your business with ICD365.

The ICD365 Solution

Our experts combine sales and technology to create the demand that pushes forward the purchasing sequence. While doing so, we continue to present ourselves the forefront of this ever-changing technology world. Return on investment is the ultimate goal. Based off our client’s objectives and needs, our clients not only receive outstanding customer service, we are able to present measurable successes. From this attention to detail, our business has grown substantially and has continued to do so in multiple verticals over the years. In order to keep up, our service teams are expansive and our core group is ever growing.

To conserve a solid inflow of quality customers, we use effective sales strategies to maximize the potential of every click and call. Through detailed custom operation systems, CRM interfaces and call routing technologies; we are able to study every angle of the customer’s interaction to ensure continued and increased conversion rates. We champion the technology vanguard with traditional marketing methods that are tried and true. However, we resourcefully tap into new marketing channels that aren’t as mainstream. With the synergy of traditional and digital, we combine all mediums to make our mark: Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing, Display Advertising, Mobile Advertising, Affiliate Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Direct Marketing, Television & Radio, to name a few. Juxtaposed, these channels work together to build a latter to exceed all incremental objectives for our clients.

ICD365 strives to reach the best consumer by connecting them with the best product available. Using our specialized method, we are able to deliver major results as well as continuously improve our client’s business.


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